How to Decorate a Game Room

How to Decorate a Game Room

Any lover of games should have a room dedicated to playing. It is common to think that people can play, for example, in the living room, but in practice that typically leads to conflicts. First, players need to be able to concentrate, especially when it comes to intellectually challenging games such as chess. If there are other family members hanging out in the living room talking or watching the TV, concentration becomes impossible, and the players end up having less fun. Second, many games require a lot of space where to spread the game board and pieces. No one wants the living room sofa table to be taken over by a chess board or a Monopoly that cannot be moved because the game is still unfinished. So, in the end one usually one ends up having a game room either by design or simply because the games end up taking over the room they are in! So rather than having a living room with shelves and tables crammed with games that were not supposed to be there, it is better to just accept the importance of games in your family members’ lives and dedicate a room for them.

How to Create an Atmosphere Suitable for a Game Room

So, what is the first thing to think about when designing a game room? The atmosphere. The feeling of the room should always reflect its function. A game room is meant to be a space that is cozy, where one can enjoy relaxed fun and forget about daily worries while passing their time.

One often overlooked but crucially important factor in creating a good atmosphere in the room is its walls. Color is very important and can significantly alter the mood of the people using the room. Painting the walls or using wallpaper are ways to radically alter the mood of the room, but an easier option are prints since they can be removed easily. There is an incredible variety of affordable and beautiful prints available nowadays, and a stylish framed print takes the design of any room to the next level. One popular style for a game room is a dimly lit room with cozy carpets, leather sofas and dark wood furniture. Some popular print choices that go with that style are, for example, vintage travel posters or prints of black and white photos.

Choosing the Furniture

Deciding how to choose furniture for a game room depends on how one likes to play and what other games are played.

The looks of the furniture are of equal importance to their comfort. The most important items in a game room are naturally tables and chairs. For chess, a small table is the best so the players do not have to reach too far to move the pieces. Chairs should be comfortable but firm; playing chess is not as relaxed as say, reading a book, so for example, an upright chair with some padding is a good choice.