Chess Players And Augmentation

Chess Players And Augmentation

For many years chess was a male dominated sport. This was due to gender bias within society as a whole. That has started to change. There are currently close to 40 female chess grandmasters. The number is likely to increase in the near future.

Since the professional chess players of the past were men the concept of body augmentation was less of an issue. However, the competitors of today might decide to attain implants before engaging in a high stakes tournament. Companies such as Motiva offer high quality breast enlargement services to women. These procedures have mass appeal because they allow women to have greater control over their appearance. Chess players who choose to get implants will notice several benefits after the surgery.


Once the surgery has been completed the augmentation journey will not be over. The patient needs to spend some time recovering. They may also contact the surgeons for advice about aftercare. Furthermore, Motiva allows clients to register their implants. Once the healing period is over the person can carry on playing chess as normal. The best plastic surgeons place an emphasis on safety. They do not abandon their patients once the procedure has finished. Instead they continue to monitor their progress.


The gender gap in chess started to lessen during the 1960s. Today there are plenty of female grandmasters who have outshone their rivals. Novices can analyse the performances of these people in order to improve their own skills. When doing so they may notice that the players tend to wear comfortable clothing. This is because games can last a fairly long time. Any discomfort can end up being a distraction. Professionals might avoid augmentation because they fear potential long term pain after surgery. However, this will not be the case if they choose an experienced provider such as Motiva.


There are more than just physical benefits when it comes to breast enlargement. A lot of women decide to have this surgery in order to boost their confidence. This in turn can help them improve their chess playing as they will be more likely to make risky moves. Furthermore, professional players are often interviewed by the international press. They need to be confident enough to face both the cameras and their rival players.


Every woman will have different preferences when it comes to breast implants. They will usually want to emphasise a specific aspect. This can include roundness, movement, symmetry, size or realism. With Motiva products they can find something that is ideal for their needs. Clients are given a wide range of options. Many of the implants are designed to move and feel as realistic as possible. They will appeal not just to chess players but many other women as well.