Chess and the Art of Home Décor

Chess and the Art of Home Décor

At first glance, the game of chess and the art of interior design do not seem to have much in common. Upon much closer examination, however, the two things are, in fact, inextricably linked.

After all, a high-end chessboard is the ultimate home accessory; one that is sure to lend style and grace to any home or workspace. That is why serious chess players shop at, a leading online retailer that offers a wide range of furniture, kitchenware, textiles, and rugs, along with other home accessories.

Chess Basics: Table and Chairs

Because chess represents the ultimate intellectual pursuit, serious players of the game tend to have sophisticated tastes; especially when it comes to home décor. For example, nothing goes better with an exquisitely-crafted chessboard than a tastefully designed table and a pair of stylish chairs.

At Royal Design, chess enthusiasts can choose from a vast array of tables perfectly constructed for serious matches and tournaments. From glass-topped lounge tables to solid wooden coffee tables, Royal Design has something for every conceivable taste. Royal Design also offers high-quality chairs of all types, including stools, armchairs, and comfortable pouffes.

Playing Chess Outdoors

Many serious chess players prefer playing outdoors in the belief that fresh air and sunshine improve concentration. For this reason, Royal Design offers a selection of furniture specifically designed for use outdoors or on balconies, including deck chairs, tables and benches from the world’s leading brands.

Those with a preference for playing outdoors can also find upscale garden accessories, such as flowerpots, lighthouse lanterns and balcony boxes.

Checkmate Your Opponent in Style

Along with furniture, Royal Design also offers a range of jewellery and accessories, from wristwatches, bracelets and earrings to cardholders, keyrings and cosmetic bags. At Royal Design, serious chess players are sure to find everything they need, and much else besides, to let them checkmate their opponents in maximum style.