Chess Room Décor

Chess Room Décor

Fans of chess will sometimes have an entire room dedicated to playing this game. Traditional chessboards are pretty plain with a two-colour scheme. However, this does not mean that the interior design of a room has to also be minimalist. Instead, the person may prefer a bright and exotic style. Players will be looking down a lot while they play. Therefore there needs to be an exciting rug on the floor. Trend Carpet sells a great variety. No matter what the taste of the player is, they will likely find a rug that appeals to them.

A Rustic Setting

Chess fans tend to have a love for classic styles. This is because the game has such a long history that spans many centuries. For example, suppose the player is looking for a traditional type of floor décor. In that case, a Trend Carpet cowhide rug will likely be very desirable. They are high quality and come in a range of beautiful patterns. People have utilised cowhide since prehistoric times. These items continue to endure because they look and feel great.

Modernist Rooms

However, other people prefer their chess playing areas to have a more contemporary vibe. It is not just traditionalists who love the game. It is becoming increasingly popular among different communities. This includes those who favour modernism. They can utilise rugs with interesting geometric patterns. Alternatively, the floor coverings may be plain with a single vibrant colour. This option is ideal for anyone who likes their décor to be bold.

Stylish But Not Distracting

In order to win a chess match, the person needs to stay focused. This allows them to come up with tactics to outsmart their opponent. If the rug is too flashy, then it could become a significant distraction. The good news is that the ones in the Trend Carpet catalogue look stylish without diverting attention away from the board. The rugs manage to merge well with the rest of the design elements.

Large or Small

A smaller rug can be placed under the chess table to provide additional comfort. Alternatively, a large one will fill up the entire floor space. Either option is acceptable. The tastes of the person will determine the best one for them. So too will the dimensions of the playing room. Cosier ones will naturally require a smaller sized rug.