Play Chess in Comfort

Play Chess in Comfort

If you enjoy chess but are happy to play against the computer at home, this can be a really relaxing hobby. That is not to say it is any less competitive, of course. You still play to win! However, you may feel more comfortable in your own surroundings rather than the stark atmosphere of a chess club. Another advantage is that you can actually set up the room to your personal taste in furnishings.

Comfort is Key

We all have those favourite pieces of furniture that are perhaps a little worn out, but we can’t bear to throw them away. A good example is that of your sofa. Over the years, it moulds to your shape, and you know that the minute you sit down, you will instantly be at ease. And not to worry if it is looking a little tired, you can soon restore its appearance with a tastefully designed Ikea Karlstad sofa cover from Bemz.

Matching Furniture

It can be a rewarding task to match all the furniture in your chess room to the same theme. This is really easy to do, thanks to the company of Bemz, who supply sofa covers for discontinued Ikea furniture. Their website is easy to navigate, and you will soon find the perfect choice for your sofa. They even have the option of personalising your cover, allowing you to choose your own colours, patterns and textures.

Enjoy the Game

Once you have set up your room to provide the ultimate comfort and relaxation, you can concentrate on your chess game. Your sofa will be as comfortable as ever but with a stylish new look, thanks to Bemz. You could easily purchase extra covers and have a new look for every season. Chess is best enjoyed in comfort!