Make Your Own Stylish Chess Den

Make Your Own Stylish Chess Den

Chess is a fun game loved by people of all ages, but to become very good at this, you need to use a lot of brainpower, skill, and logic. You also need to know the whole gambit of the available chess moves and implement the winning combinations. As chess is a game of strategy, it requires careful thought and an ambient setting when playing. You need to be able to invoke your thought processes and avoid disturbance that could distract your thought patterns. What better way to study or play the game than within your very own chess den? You could create a dedicated room in your house to pursue your favorite pastime. This is where Bemz can help you in creating a stylish yet inspirational design for your den. They provide covers for a vast range of Ikea furniture that adds atmosphere to your chess setting.

Why Choose Bemz?

Bemz offers a vast online selection of all manner of furniture covers for sofas, armchairs, chairs, and footstools, among others. These are designed to fit the whole range of Ikea furniture. If you have a particular favorite chair or sofa, why not consider recovering it instead of buying from new? You can refresh most fabric-covered Ikea furniture with the addition of the new covers. Not only does this prolong the life of your treasured possession, but it avoids the old furniture ending up in the landfill. This benefits the environment and boosts your own carbon footprint. When playing chess, you need to be comfortable and relaxed, so adding Ikea Karlstad couch covers to existing sofas will help create the right ambiance.

Bemz Covers

A particular Ikea bestseller is the Karlstad range of furniture, and Bemz can offer covers for the entire collection. If your old Karlstad furniture is starting to look its age, then these replacement items can provide you with a practical and cheap solution. Why buy new when you can refurbish? Also, these covers are hand sewn to exacting specifications, and as such, you can be assured of the highest quality. Similarly, if the color scheme you desire for your chess den has been decided, you may wish to consider buying matching covers to fit in with your decor. Also, you can buy different covers for the change in seasons, such as white linen for summer or velvet for winter. For practicality, the covers are machine washable, thus avoiding the expense of costly dry-cleaning bills.


Chess has been popular since the 15th century and shows no signs of losing its worldwide popularity. As a game of skill between two players or as part of an organized tournament, it really challenges people’s mind to come up with the right moves. Creating a chess den using Bemz furniture covers will make an excellent environment for enthusiasts to study and enjoy their chess games.