Chess: Choosing the Right Environment to Play

Chess: Choosing the Right Environment to Play

Often referred to as the ‘Game of Kings,’ chess undoubtedly requires a deep understanding of strategy, and the ability to think several moves in advance, and, perhaps most importantly, a great deal of concentration.

That’s why it is essential to choose the right environment in which to play, especially if you’re facing a particularly challenging opponent. After all, nothing can affect one’s focus more than his or her surroundings, which include factors such as colour, lighting, and physical comfort.

Familywalls Wallpapering: The Ideal Backdrop for Chess

For this reason, serious chess players should consider the wallpaper available at, which offers a range of reasonably-priced and aesthetically-pleasing varieties to choose from among. From the classic Pimpernel motif (popular in Victorian-Era homes) to subtler Nocturne and Soapstone themes, Familywalls has a wallpaper scheme for every artistic inclination.

Playing chess against the backdrop of exquisite wallpapering will go a long way towards improving your concentration, and therefore, your game. So the next time you take on that cunning opponent, make sure that the room in which you play is papered with one of Familywalls’ many excellent and tasteful selections.

Just like a general at war, the committed player of chess must consider every factor, including their physical surroundings, to ensure ultimate victory.